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The Stevenson students and faculty gather in the lobby on Friday afternoons during 社区会议 to look back at the week that has been and look forward to the weeks ahead. The 学生会 President and Vice President list off announcements and a clinician leads the group in a mindfulness activity. Winners of the prestigious Student of the Week award are presented their certificates by their advisors. Faculty and administration share any other relevant information with the student body heading into the weekend before dismissal. 

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除了举办社区会议, the Stevenson 学生会 has a great impact on Stevenson and its students. The 学生会 has traditionally planned the annual Stevenson prom while also running a canteen and a breakfast bar. 数学老师Daniel Aulbach-Sidibe说 监督整个团队,并带头执行许多计划. The 学生会 oversees the elections for the following year's 学生会 and meets with Head of School Chris Ongaro to discuss pressing issues relevant to the Stevenson student body.


The Stevenson student body participates in an annual late September 一整天 at a campsite in northern New Jersey. Students work on team-building activities with their advising groups and enjoy a cookout. The day is especially meaningful for the seniors, all of whom tackle a challenging ropes course.


Perhaps the most unique class offering at Stevenson is 摇滚乐队. Founded over ten years ago and run by history teacher Jose Sanchez, 摇滚乐队 provides students with musical aspirations the chance to cover famous songs and learn about music history. "My role essentially is to facilitate - to make things run smoothly for the kids, 激发, 组织, 给他们信心, 并灌输努力工作的价值观,桑切斯说. The band spends one class period four days a week practicing in the Stevenson basement gym. There are periodic performances in the building lobby once or twice per quarter for the entire Stevenson community to enjoy. The music that the band plays ranges from grunge to hip hop, from soul music to classic rock. 近年来, 乐队演奏了涅槃乐队的歌曲, 小红莓乐队, 尼娜西蒙, 爱丽丝身陷囹圄, 和臭名昭著的B.I.G,除其他外. Auditions for the band are held in the spring for the following fall and all interested students must sign up to audition. Adds Sanchez: "We come together in a real democratic, supportive, even familial way."


The Stevenson faculty take students on various trips that augment and bolster in-class learning. 例如, Stevenson Economics teacher Heidi Olson takes one of her classes on an annual trip to the Federal Reserve. English teacher Rebecca Margolies takes the seniors on an annual trip to the New York Public Library, so that students getting ready for college can sharpen their research skills. Art teacher Mitchell Martinez often takes students to see exhibits at various museums around New York City. Then there are advising field trips during which specific advising groups experience New York City in ways that are fun and build camaraderie.



全球最大的博彩平台大学为学生提供各种各样的俱乐部. Students have participated in recent years in after-school clubs like tabletop gaming, 龙与地下城, 全球最大的博彩平台出版社, 和体育新闻的写作. These clubs usually take place in the building for 60-90 minutes immediately after school and are run by faculty members with expertise and interest in the given topic. 教师还负责管理像GSX这样的午餐俱乐部, 促进性别和性的平等, 以及BLU(黑人和拉丁裔学生会). GSX and BLU are inclusive clubs that aim to foster an appreciation for diversity among the student body and the world at large. 


The Stevenson School deeply values outdoor education and how it can contribute to a student’s well-being. Our school has a long-standing tradition of bringing students outside of the classroom and into the great outdoors. 

Stevenson students report that the ski trip helps elevate their self-confidence and interpersonal skills. 这种户外体验, together with the skills developed make the ski trip a valuable educational experience for both Stevenson students and faculty.

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Stevenson has a Tuesday before Thanksgiving tradition during which there’s a schoolwide gathering to share Thanksgiving food. 工作人员和行政人员供应鸡肉, 大米, 炸薯条, 和蔬菜, 这样学生们就不会厌倦火鸡和土豆泥. 学生们负责带甜点. 咨询小组为这顿饭联合起来, so the students could foster community togetherness before departing for the holiday.



In this chapbook, four Stevenson students present compelling and wonderfully crafted short stories. Ben Winokur-Applebaum takes us on a riveting ride alongside the Secretary of State; Jeremy Negrin presents a comical and existential look at death; Tess Malloy probes the interiors of the mind and confronts the human psyche; and August Washburne imagines a future where Mars is a human colony. Each story is a true nailbiter and we would challenge any reader to dispute this claim! Between these virtual covers is some of the "best of the best" writing from Stevenson authors - enjoy the read!

内容警告这个合集里的故事呈现了生动的暴力, 心理健康问题, 以及与死亡和临终相关的内容.


2019-20学年期间, The 全球最大的博彩平台出版社 — Stevenson’s new student-led publishing group — released several student publications, 包括 全球最大的博彩平台之眼全球最大的博彩平台之眼 是我们的校报吗?. 为每期做准备, 学生进行面试, 写故事, 编辑材料, 提交有创意的作品. 我们很荣幸地与大家分享这个“精选版”, a digest of some of the top stories from our latest edition. 享受!


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